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November 16th, 2012: EducationUSA Meets Students at St. Dominic’s, Cabra

On Thursday, November 15th, 2012, EducationUSA travelled to St. Dominic’s College, Cabra, in Dublin. The all-girls school has seen an increase in the number students interested in going to college in the United States. Guidance Counsellor Anne Marie O’Brien organized the event for EducationUSA to come along for a lunchtime talk.

Twenty-four fifth year students attended the presentation in order to learn about how to research college options, the application process, and where to source funding for undergraduate study. It was an ideal time to visit St. Dominic’s, as the fifth year students still have plenty of time to figure out where they want to apply, to study for the SATs, and to prepare a successful college application.

Joanne Davidson, EducationUSA Advisor, reminded the students that when applying for the SAT international students must apply by the early deadline. She noted “this is an easy deadline to miss, so make sure you register online for the SAT by the early, not regular, deadline.”

Many of the students were interested to learn about what sorts of courses they could take in the US, as a liberal arts-style of education is not as common at the college level in Ireland. Davidson advised that “when studying in the US, you will take courses within your major, as well as broader and more diverse classes, such as French or even Ceramics when you’re a Biology major!”

EducationUSA would like to thank St. Dominic’s College for organizing the talk and look forward to returning next year.

If you are interested in having EducationUSA come and talk at your school, please contact educationusa@fulbright.ie.

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