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October 17th, 2012: EducationUSA Survey Winner Named; Thirty Irish Students to Study in US, EducationUSA Survey Asks for Information on Studying in the US

As part of an online survey by EducationUSA for Irish students planning to study in the United States, nearly thirty people provided feedback on going to college in America. One participant was randomly selected for a prize of $250 to spend in the US. The lucky winner was Bryan Holland, who is completing his Master’s Degree at Loyola Marymount University in California. Congratulations, Bryan, from all the team at EducationUSA!

educationusalogoAs part of the survey, students were asked about their intentions for studying in the US, including where they are going to college and what they are planning on studying. The responses were widely varied, with students going to study at schools as diverse as the University of California-Santa Cruz, Boston College, and West Virginia University. Interestingly, Chemistry was the most popular subject of study, with 14% of respondents indicating this is their chosen field. Business, Languages, International Relations, Law, and Medicine also featured strongly at about 10% each.

When asked why the students chose to study in the US, 71% agreed that it was due to the quality of the US universities, while 61% advised it was to experience American campus life and activities. Most respondents (40%) were going to complete a Bachelor’s Degree, while 26% were going to complete their Master’s Degree.

Some of the key challenges noted in the survey included researching information on scholarships from US and Irish sources, but most students did feel an adequate amount of information was available either through the Fulbright Commission or their guidance counsellors.

For students who are currently studying in the US, please feel free to keep us up-to-date with how you are doing and any advice you have for others who may wish to study in the US in the future. For further information on EducationUSA in Ireland, please visit https://www.fulbright.ie/study-in-the-us.

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