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October 8th, 2012: EducationUSA Visits Sutton Park School, EducationUSA Advisors, Pippa Halley and Joanne Davidson, visited Sutton Park School on October 3rd, 2012.

Over forty students, parents, and teachers attended a presentation on going to college in the United States.

Ms. Halley gave a presentation on how to go about applying to college in the U.S., including how to sign up for the SATs. The test, which is offered in Dublin and Waterford, is a required exam for students looking to complete their Bachelor’s Degree in the U.S. Ms. Halley encouraged students, especially 5th year students, to take some practice tests online before they go for the exam, advising “taking a practice test will give you a flavor of what the SAT is about…and how much you need to study!”

Many parents and students were concerned about the timeline for applying, but were advised not to worry, especially for 5th year students. Ms. Davidson advised, “this is the perfect time to begin researching your options and thinking about what you really want from a university.”

Some key things for potential college applicants to consider, in addition to majors of study, include weather, proximity to an international airport, social life, the size of the college, and an urban versus a rural campus. Thinking about these types of things well in advance of actually applying to college can “really help you narrow down your college options to a manageable list of four to six schools,” advised Halley.

EducationUSA would like to thank Sutton Park School for hosting the event and looks forward to engaging with them and their students in the future.

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