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October 3rd, 2012: European Executive Directors Visit Fulbright Ireland Offices

As part of the busy EAIE week in Dublin, three European Fulbright Executive Directors took a moment to visit the Fulbright Ireland offices.

Rolf Hoffmann of Fulbright Germany, Tehri Mölsä of Fulbright Finland, and Erica Lutes of Fulbright Belgium all came by to meet with Irish Executive Director, Colleen Dube, and the Fulbright Ireland team. After a brief tour of the Fulbright offices, the Executive Directors sat down to discuss the challenges and opportunities that they see for the Fulbright Commission in the coming months and year.

european executive directors

It was a unique opportunity for the Executive Directors to get together in Dublin and the Fulbright Commission of Ireland looks forward to welcoming them again in the future.

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