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September 27th, 2012: EducationUSA Visits Higher Options, EducationUSA Staff Meet Hundreds of Students Interested in Studying in the US

With 25,000 students attending the Higher Options exhibition on college options, it was to be expected that many of them were interested in the opportunity to study in the United States.


higher options stand


Students from all over Ireland met with the Education USA staff during the three day exhibition. Many students had started their research on the process for applying to college in the US, but others were only just beginning.

Pippa Halley, EducationUSA Advisor, encouraged students to start their research early, stating, “I encourage students who are interested in applying to college in the US to begin as early as they can. Do your research online and think about where you want to study. American students begin this process early and in order to be competitive you should too.”

higher options educationusa staff

Typical questions asked by students included how to register for the SATs, where to look for information on colleges, and how competitive the process is. Joanne Davidson, also an EducationUSA Advisor in Ireland, reminded students that “there are nearly 4,000 universities in the U.S., so there really is something for everyone.” Davidson continued, “it is worth remembering that although SATs are very important, US colleges will look at the student holistically – this means grades, references, and extracurricular activities are all important.”

EducationUSA is the independent advising body for students interested in college in the United States, providing unbiased information on accredited colleges and universities. More information on studying in the US is available for students, parents, and guidance counsellors on the EducationUSA website, https://fulbright.ie/study-in-the-us.

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