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November 22nd, 2011: Jazz Is…Mini-Festival with The Prime Collective

A boutique music festival presented by The Prime Collective. Five days of gritty funk, smooth tones, hard-hitting jazz, acoustic instrumental and experimental improvised music in Dublin’s City Centre – www.primecollectivedublin.com

Tue NOV 22 – International Bar, Wicklow St.

8pm (Suggested Donation €5) 01-6779250

Julyo’s LiMEN 8pm

Dublin based nu-jazz act LiMEN are Antonello d’Orazio on saxophone and flute and Julyo on bass and synthesizer. LiMEN describe themselves as nu-ambient, dream pop, post-jazz, brain music, and are sure to sooth your ears.

Locoswing 9.45pm

Locoswing, a sassy gypsy jazz and swing band, pay homage to a bygone era. Taking their inspiration from the 20’s and 30’s, expect this quintet to mix some old standards with some novel takes of contemporary hits.

Tue NOV 22 – Sweeney’s, Dame St.

8pm €8 01-6779250

Max Zaska’s GRooVE 8pm

GRooVE is the work of Max Zaska – whose talents even extend to spitting some rhymes when you least expect it. Expect ‘harmonies galore and the funkiest drums ‘n bass section in Dublin’. Featuring Karen Cowley, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, Sam Comerford, Kevin Higgins & Dylan Lynch.

Nature 9pm

Nature represents clashes between vocal & instrumental, human & mechanistic, pre-written & improvised. This groove-jazz quartet is led by bassist Kevin Higgins, whose music fuses techno, swing, dub and funk into a brash, elemental style. Watch out for manic guitar from Chris Guilfoyle, trancy vocal hooks and textures from Georgia Cusack and street-smart beats by drummer Tommy Gray.

Superhands 10pm

What happens when you put top musicians Bill Blackmore, Colm O’Hara, Shane Latimer, Darragh O’Kelly, Derek White, Eddie McGinn and Keith de Barra together on stage? Superhands, that’s what. Expect originals, 70’s Herbie Hancock and Dave Douglas – plenty of funk and plenty of improvising.

Wed NOV 23 – Crawdaddy, 35 Harcourt St. D2

8pm €5 01-6779250
Tongue Bundle 8pm

Tongue Bundle might just be the most exciting band that Dublin has yet to realise is in her midst. Thrilling to listen to, near impossible to categorise, the Tongues are guaranteed to open some ears.

Mob Fandango 9pm

This 10-piece band has been steadily rising in profile since winning the ‘Rising Stars’ award in the Dublin City Soul Festival in 2009. The Mob offer a unique brand of funk and soul, complete with brass section.

Creamy Goodness 10pm

Fresh from playing five gigs at Electric Picnic where they played five different sets, Creamy need little introduction. They have built a solid reputation as one of the funkier bands on these isles.

Thu NOV 24 – International Bar, Wicklow St.

8pm (Suggested Donation €5) 01-6779250
Sandra Melo 4tet 8pm

Sandra Melo is a vocalist from Minas Gerais, Brazil, and is currently finishing her studies here in Dublin – but that won’t stop her from breaking free and delivering a fiery performance of her favourite MPB (Musica Populara Brasiliera) tunes.

Emilie sings Elis 9.45pm

Through the lens of one of Brazil’s most loved singers, the enigmatic Elis Regina, Emilie Conway & the Brazilian Jazz trio present bossa nova and MPB from the country’s greatest composers and lyricists: Jobim, Powell, Lins, Bosco, Buarque & more.

Thu NOV 24 – SingSing (downstairs Mercantile, Dame St.)

8pm €5 01-6779250
Foluain Trio 8pm

Dublin stalwarts Matt Jacobson (drums) and Neil O’Loghlen (bass) have gotten together and invited guest Parisian Saxophonist Jonathan Orland. Jacobson and O’Loghlen are two of the next generation of Irish jazz musicians, while Orland is a seasoned performer across various continents.

Roller Trio 9.45pm

Roller Trio is an up and coming band from Leeds that has recently signed to the F-IRE collective label in London. Leaving traditional notions of a jazz trio behind, this one uses electric guitar instead of bass, and delivers a powerful blow through the heavy tone of Tenor saxophonist James Mainwairing.



Fri NOV 25 – Back Loft, 7-11 St. Augustine St, Dublin 8

8pm €8 01-6779250
Leafzang sextet 8pm

Leafzang sextet takes the approach of adding cello, clarinet and sax to a guitar trio, resulting in a balance of warm acoustic tones ranging from chamber ensemble to European jazz.

Bryan Quigley & Gordon Delap 8.45pm

Quigley plays the bass like few others, approaching it from the basis of pure sound rather than notes and rhythms. Delap provides the electronic ammunition – live processing that results in an otherworldly sound world between the two.

Rhombus 9.20pm

Playing all original music written by Dennis Wyers, Rhombus draws from Norwegian and British jazz, contemporary classical, blues and South-Indian music, moving between textures to create colouristic and often rhythmic compositions.

Paul Roe & Danny Roe 10.00pm

Everyone loves to see things kept in the family, and this is no exception – son Danny provides the percussion to his father’s ethereal clarinet – Paul, who recently had an album released on Diatribe records.

Sat NOV 26 – Back Loft, 7-11 St. Augustine St, Dublin 8

8pm €8 01-6779250
Colm O’Hara presents Concrete Soup

Colm O’Hara is one of the best trombone players around – he’s been playing with all sorts of interesting musicians over the past few years. Recently, he’s been curating a night that he dubs ‘Concrete Soup’, an assortment of improvising musicians that O’Hara personally assembles in one-off groupings. The result is an evening of music that will never be performed the same way twice, but one that leaves a lasting impression.

Will feature: Lauren Kinsella, Fergus Cullen, David Lacey, Conor Murray, Derek White, Matthew Berrill, Cathal Roche, MERSK collective from Cork and many more.

For more info see: www.primecollectivedublin.com



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