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September 5th, 2011: Irish Fulbright Awards 2012-2013 Now Open to Applicants

Monday 5th September – The Fulbright Commission in Ireland today launched its Awards for 2012-2013.  These scholarships provide Irish and EU students, scholars and professionals with the opportunity to study, lecture and research at top universities and institutions in the US. Visit www.fulbright.ie for further information and to apply. The final deadline for applicants is Friday 18thNovember at midday.

What’s on offer:

Fulbright Student Awards:

Are available for postgraduate study or research in the United States.  Applicants may enrol for a postgraduate degree or conduct independent research e.g. as part of their Irish / European PhD programme. These are given for one academic year but students can remain in the US for the full duration of their programme if they wish. Grants are awarded up to a maximum of €20,000 and the minimum stay is 6 months.


Some of the more specialised Awards in this category include:

o    Fulbright – CRH Award in Business Studies or Engineering

o    Fulbright – Environmental Protection Agency Award in Water, Climate Change and Environmental Health


Fulbright Scholar and Professional Awards:

support academics, post-doctoral researchers or professionals with more that 5-7 years experience to spend 3-12 months researching or lecturing in the US. Grants are up to a maximum of $20,000 and the minimum stay is 3 months.

Fulbright Irish Language Awards:

o   Fulbright Irish Language Scholar Award in the Irish Language to support scholar/professional to lecture or lecture / research 3-9 months. Worth a maximum of €50,000.

o Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Awards (FLTA) for 10 months of post-graduate study and Irish language teaching in the US. Worth a maximum of approximately €20,000.


Speaking at the launch, Ms Una Halligan, Chairperson of the Fulbright Commission in Ireland said:

“Fulbright Awards offer more than just funding. They open doors to incredible opportunities to collaborate with some of the top minds and institutions in the world. In a country with only 4 million people, it is imperative that our Irish graduates, researchers and professionals consider the importance of broadening their experience by accessing what is on offer internationally. The relationships forged and knowledge gained are an invaluable resource for progressing and innovating on return to Ireland. Many of our alumni credit the Fulbright experience with aiding their own career progression significantly.”

The Fulbright Scholarships and Awards are presented on an annual basis to Irish students, scholars and professionals to undertake postgraduate study and research at higher education, cultural and related institutions in the United States. This year there are 24 successful Irish Fulbright Awardees. Applications are encouraged in all disciplines including the visual and performing arts.


For further information please contact:
Pippa Halley, Communications & Information Officer, Fulbright Commission
01- 660 7670 / 087 0576844


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