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September 14th, 2010: Press Release – Irish Fulbright Awards 2011-2012

Tuesday 14th September – The Fulbright Commission in Ireland today launched its Awards for 2011-2012. These scholarships will provide Irish and EU students, scholars and professionals with the opportunity to study, lecture and research at top universities and institutions in the US. Visit www.fulbright.ie for further information and to apply. The final deadline for applicants is Tuesday 30th November at midday.

There are two types of awards available:

1. Fulbright Student Awards are available for postgraduate study or research in the United States. Applicants may enrol for a postgraduate degree or conduct independent research e.g. as part of their Irish / European PhD programme. These are given for one academic year but students can remain in the US for the full duration of their programme if they wish. The maximum grant is $25,000 and the minimum stay is 6 months.

Some of the more specialised Awards in this category include:

o Fulbright – CRH Award in Business Studies or Engineering

o Fulbright – Environmental Protection Agency Award in Environment & Health, Climate Change and Water Quality

o Fulbright – Glen Dimplex Award in Science, Technology and Renewables

2. Fulbright Scholar and Professional Awards support academics, post-doctoral researchers or professionals with more that 5-7 years experience to spend 3-12 months researching or lecturing in the US. The maximum grant is $15,000 and the minimum stay is 3 months.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Una Halligan, Chairperson of the Fulbright Commission in Ireland said:

“The Fulbright Awards provide recipients with wonderful opportunities to study, lecture and research in top educational institutions around the US. Now, more than ever, as Ireland works towards building a smarter economy, we would encourage people to consider what Fulbright is offering and what can be gained by collaborating with US institutions through study and research. 23 of Ireland’s brightest scholars, students and professionals have just left for their Fulbright years and we look forward to what the 2011-2012 applications will bring.”

“A crucial part of the success of the Fulbright Awards is the preparedness of US and Irish higher level institutions to open their doors to Fulbrighters in order to collaborate with each other on projects and to share ideas and DIT is just one example of how fruitful this can be,” concluded Ms Halligan.

DIT & the Fulbright Commission

Speaking about the Fulbright Awards DIT President, Professor Brian Norton said: “DIT has had very rewarding experiences with the Fulbright Awards, both as a receiving and a sending institution. This year, we welcome Fulbright Scholar Dr. Gul Kremer, from Penn State University, and research student David Ramsay from Case Western University, both of whom will work with colleagues in DIT during this academic year. I am also delighted that engineering postgraduate student Paul Duffy will have the opportunity to spend this year in Purdue University where he will be working on research for his PhD – DIT and Purdue collaborate in a number of fields and this is a great way for us to expand on those links.”

In previous years, Fulbright Scholars visiting DIT have made a significant contribution and have participated in a very real way in the work of the Institute, for example:

• Professor Karen Ryker, University of Connecticut, produced and directed an acclaimed production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute in 2008.

• In 2007, Dr. Steve Konkel, a visiting lecturer from Eastern Kentucky University, participated in the groundwork for the Environmental Health Sciences Institute (EHSI) in DIT, which has received significant funding under PRTLI and will be launched later this year.

• Professor Pamela Eddy, now at the University of William and Mary in Virginia, came to DIT as a Fulbright Scholar and carried out very useful research on institutional collaborations using PRTLI case studies.

The Fulbright Scholarships and Awards are presented on an annual basis to Irish students, scholars and professionals to undertake postgraduate study and research at higher education, cultural and related institutions in the United States. Applications are encouraged in all disciplines including the visual and performing arts.

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