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Dr C. Eduardo Siqueira is an Associate Professor at the School for the Environment and Coordinator of the Transnational Brazilian Project at the Mauricio Gaston Institute of Latino Community Development and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He graduated in Medicine at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and holds a Master in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a Doctorate in Work Environment Policy from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. As a 2018 Fulbright Scholar, he collaborated with the University of Limerick. 

"My three-month Fulbright Award at the University of Limerick (UL) aimed at collaborating with Dr. Khalifa Elmusharaf, a senior lecturer at the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS), to research immigrant health in Ireland and create a new Master of Science in Public Health degree at UL. Dr. Elmusharaf and I convened a series of meetings between April and June 2019 to discuss the format and the curriculum of the Master Program, which culminated with a curriculum design workshop, held in June at Limerick. The workshop included representatives from UL, the Limerick Health Department, the Health Service Executive, the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, among others.  

Dr. Elmusharaf and I established a solid partnership with Fulbright Ireland by collaborating with Dr. Jean McCarthy, Lecturer at the Kemi Business School and Fulbright Ambassador at UL. We discussed the creation of a Fulbright Scholar position at GEMS in 2020, new joint efforts between GEMS and the Kemi School, and new collaborative research on Brazilian immigration to Limerick. Thanks to the Fulbright Award, a new set of international activities and partnerships between faculty at UL, UMass Boston, and colleagues from a medical school in a Brazilian university (ABC Medical School, located in São Paulo) were set in motion. This is a good example of how faculty exchanges contributes to the internationalization of all institutions involved. 

My stay in Ireland taught me important cultural, political, historical, and social aspects of Ireland that I would not learn in Massachusetts, despite the large presence of Irish descendants in the state. For example, I would not have known the long history of Irish civilization, the beautiful sites all over the country, the multi-ethnic mix of current Irish society, nor the large recent Brazilian immigration to Ireland. 

The Fulbright Award also allowed me to develop new networks in Europe and meant an expansion of my horizons to take into account Irish and European public health research perspectives. I will continue to strengthen my relationships with UL by teaching in the Master program after September 2020 and conducting joint research with colleagues in Ireland, England, and Germany. Last, but not least, I acquired a new taste for Irish gin, Irish Single Malt, and the landmark Guinness. See you soon Ireland!!!"



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