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OUR Alumni

Ruth Melia

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Sponsor: HRB

Institution: NUI Galway

Year: 2022

Dr Ruth Melia is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead at HSE Mid-West, and a researcher on the use of mobile health technology in suicide prevention at the University of Galway. She is Principal Investigator on the SafePlan trial, a National Office for Suicide Prevention-funded study of mobile-based safety planning within Irish mental health services. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Maynooth University, Ruth is an Adjunct Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of Galway, and provides teaching and research supervision to psychologists across institutions. Together with her colleagues in the Schools of Psychology and Computer Science Ruth has published widely in the area of digital technology and mental health. As a Fulbright / HRB HealthImpact Scholar, Ruth will further her work on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Suicide Prevention with researchers at the Joiner Lab, Florida State University.

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