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OUR Alumni

Dr Andrew Pilant

Award: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award

Sponsor: Geological Survey Ireland

Institution: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Year: 2022

Andrew (Drew) Pilant, Ph.D. is a research geoscientist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. He has devoted his career to applying earth observation, remote sensing, geospatial analysis and geographic information systems to solving environmental problems, quantifying ecosystem services, and mapping land cover, PFAS chemicals, animal feeding operations and mosquito habitat. His passions include promoting environmental stewardship, looking at the earth system from space and using artificial intelligence techniques to turn satellite images into information to support decision making. As a Fulbright Scholar he will work with faculty in the Geography Department at Trinity College Dublin to use advanced satellite imaging sensors and machine learning techniques to measure landscape properties and coastal geomorphology. He will also lecture on topics in theoretical and applied remote sensing for environmental protection.