OUR Alumni

Orla Muldoon

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Institution: University of Limerick

Year: 2020

Orla Muldoon is Founding Professor of Psychology in University of Limerick, Ireland since 2007. She graduated from Queens University Belfast in 1993 and continued her studies there thanks to a foundation scholarship. The award of her PhD in 1996 saw her receive the inaugural Queen’s Praxis Research Prize. In Limerick she has led the development of the Centre for Social Issues research which supports the psychological study of social issues. To this end, Professor Muldoon has built research partnerships with statutory and voluntary organisations, makes regular policy contributions and offers op-ed columns to the Irish Times. As a Fulbright Irish Scholar she will visit Kansas University to collaborate to develop theory and research in social psychology with an eminent scholar there. She will draw from the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) Series to examine the role of identity in determining the impact of trauma on biological markers of stress.