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OUR Alumni

Michael Caslin

Award: Fulbright US Scholar

Sponsor: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Institution: GCSEN Foundation

Year: 2020

Professor Caslin, Founder of GCSEN Foundation, brings a passion for the transformative power of entrepreneurship along with 3 decades of proven success in helping found, lead and serve social enterprise and business venture development ranging from youth and adult entrepreneurship education to sustainable community development. He has a broad range of experiences from his work with over 40 firms across 12 industry sectors as both an outside strategic consultant and inside operational leader. Professor Caslin is recognized as a respected entrepreneur practitioner, faculty member and Social Entrepreneurship thought leader through his work as co-founder and CEO of NFTE and his education and leadership roles with with Babson College and Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson Global, Investor’s Circle, Rising Tide Capital, SJF Institute and Wheaton College (MA), CUNY-Baruch College-Zicklin Business School, SUNY New Paltz Business School and St. Peter’s University Business School. He has provided Expert witness testimony before the United Nations, The White House and U.S. Congress and DEMOS and Atlantic Philantropies. Fellowships received from The Fund for American Studies, The Economics Science Laboratory of Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon Smith, Gordon Cook Conversations, Norfolk World Fellows Program, Price- BABSON SEE and recently as Fulbright Scholar.