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OUR Alumni

Kevin McDonnell

Institution: University College Dublin

Year: 2019

Professor Kevin McDonnell has a joint appointment across Crops Science & Biosystems Engineering Department of UCD and his specialist interdisciplinary area of Agricultural Systems Technology addresses the sustainable use of bio-resources with a global perspective, including agri-based bio-energy systems and the agri-food based bio-economy. His Precision Agricultural research area which is supported by EU, SFI and Department of Agriculture research grants is enabling the development of a digital agricultural platform which will be a key technology for Irish agriculture in the development of profitable sustainable farming practices over the coming years. Precision agriculture requires data collection, analysis and implementation for it to work successfully. Prof McDonnell will work with the Ohio State University eFields team on digital data collection and analysis and will be able to use this work in conjunction with his own platforms to develop robust protocols for digital agricultural data collection, analysis and use in Ireland.