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OUR Alumni

Dara Kerins

Award: Fulbright Irish Student Award

Sponsor: EPA

Institution: NUI Galway

Year: 2022

Dara Kerins is a social scientist with a BSc (Applied Social Sciences), as well as a Higher Diploma (Economic Science), from NUI Galway. In recent years, Dara has worked as a community development officer, a director/trustee of a marine conservation organisation, an award-winning fundraiser for the humanitarian-aid organisation Concern, and has founded (and currently coordinates) a sustainability initiative at NUI Galway entitled Glassary. Dara also has a keen interest in public policy-oriented social scientific research, having had his own research published and presented at international conferences, in addition to winning in the politics & international relations category at the 2021 Global Undergraduate Awards. Building upon his passion to help people through the development of a more safe, sustainable, and equitable world, Dara will use his Fulbright-EPA Award to undertake a master’s programme in financial economics, before embarking upon a PhD in public policy in the years to come.