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Support Funds for Awardees 

Fulbright Awards are individually assessed and based on a monthly maintenance rate. Stipends vary depending on the length of each Award period and host location. The Fulbright Commission in Ireland has a number of equity steps in place to ensure that Awards are accessible to as many candidates as possible. Awardees may be eligible for the following additional funds:  

The Fulbright Opportunity Fund 

All candidates who are successful in their application to the Fulbright Irish Awards, or Fulbright U.S. Awards to Ireland, will be considered for this Fund. Fulbright Award recipients should make the Irish Commission’s Program Managers aware of Opportunity Fund needs.  

The Mary McPartlan Bursary 

In memory of Fulbright Irish Alumna and renowned Singer, Producer and Mentor, Mary McPartlan, this Bursary of €5,000 is annually awarded to two Fulbright Award recipients.