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Fulbright Prism Ireland Chapter Launches

Fulbright Prism Ireland Chapter

The Fulbright Prism Ireland Chapter has launched this week. Fulbright Prism is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation, that serves Fulbright Program grantees, alumni, staff, and administrators who identify with a marginalized orientation, gender affiliation, or sex (or LGBTQ+).

The Fulbright Prism Ireland Chapter will provide a dedicated place for LGBTQ+ Fulbright Awardees and Alumni in Ireland to raise awareness and build the LGBTQ+ Fulbright community through shared resources, network building, events, dialogue and maintain the resource list for Ireland.

Official Fulbright Prism chapters are run by local grantees and alumni who have intimate knowledge of the host country and its community.

Dara Fitzgerald, Executive Director of Fulbright Commission Ireland welcomed the new Chapter.

“We’re proud to welcome the launch of the Fulbright Prism Ireland Chapter which will foster a dedicated community for LGBTQ+ Fulbright Awardees and Alumni in Ireland. Through our relationship with, and the example of, existing Fulbright alum such as Fulbright Prism we reach out to all those who aspire to a Fulbright award.


Reach out to prism@irishfulbrightalumni.com to get involved

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