OUR Alumni

Michelle Cronin

Award: Fulbright Irish Scholar Award

Sponsor: Marine Institute

University: University College Cork

Year: 2018

Dr Michelle Cronin is a senior research fellow at the SFI centre MaREI at University College Cork. Dr Cronin leads the Marine Ecology Group which comprises of postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. The group conducts fundamental and applied research on key marine species across the food web from plankton to top predators, and have internationally recognised and nationally unique expertise in monitoring sensitive marine species, particularly higher predators such as seabirds and marine mammals and their interactions with human activities in the marine environment. As a Fulbright-Marine Institute Scholar, Michelle will undertake research into the feeding ecology of seals and their interactions with fisheries using Stable Isotope and biotelemetry data analyses at the Costa Lab at the University of California Santa Cruz.