TEDxFulbrightDublin 2018 to Share Ideas on the ‘Notion of a Nation’

Monday 16 July, 2018: TEDxFulbrightDublin 2018 will take place on Sunday 9th September in the Tivoli Theatre Dublin with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ireland, the Fulbright Commission in Ireland, the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association and Geological Survey Ireland. This will be the third TEDxFulbright to take place in Ireland. The theme will address our ‘Notion of…

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Grants for Undergraduates to Study Civic Engagement in the USA

Press Release For Immediate Release Tuesday, 5th December 2017: Undergraduate students are invited to apply for Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs) for European Students. During June-July 2018, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to examine Civic Engagement in the U.S, hosted by the University of South Carolina. This grant includes airfare, tuition and…

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2018-2019 Fulbright Irish Awards offer funding in diverse fields, from Museum Fellowships for students to HealthImpact Professional Awards

U.S. Embassy Dublin Chargé d’affaires Reece Smyth, with Fulbright Ireland Executive Director Dr Dara Fitzgerald The 2018-2019 Fulbright Irish Awards supporting Irish and E.U. citizens to study, research or teach in the USA are now open for application. These globally-recognised and prestigious awards, operating between the United States and 155 countries, were founded by Senator…

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